Fun In The Sun

Fun In The Sun

My Awkward Hiking Stories and basic DO NOT’S for that first “emergency” hiking trip

On top of Lion’s Head, Cape Town, South Africa

I remember when i first started hiking, boy was i unfit! The first time i went hiking was on my school field trip in the Free State up some mountain (i don’t even remember which one but I’m sure it is just up Basotho Cultural Village) for a my biology class. I can tell you this, half way on that hike i hated my biology teacher! I think i even sworn that i would NEVER hike again. A few months down the line and i moved to Cape Town to only have Amanda and our then German buddies (I’m sure they had a great time in South Africa, we made sure of it) dragged me to the Lion’s head for a hike. Guess what? I was wearing jeans, really unfit, had flu, basically i was a mess! I am pretty sure i was swearing on the way there too but here is where things changed- when i got on top!

When i got to see how beautiful the view was, all the bad, the horrible opinions I shared about hiking vanished! i have never looked back since! If you have been wondering if the hike ever got easier, yes it did. I came up with this “emergency hiking prep” that works all the time! Well for a shorter hike that is.

  • Being on top is totally worth the hike

    sunsets are the best part of hiking. If you time it just right, you might even catch magic hour
  1. Have comfortable Clothing- Jeans are a no-no.

Learn from me, that girl who went hiking wearing skinny jeans! That was the biggest mistake of my life right there. I can recommend pairing good shorts with a fairly tight t-shirt. Loose T’s usually feel like dead weight to me, especially if you’re mountain hiking! Another good fit are gym tights with a proper sports bra! Remember, if you feel good, you do good!

Please don’t forget a cap on a hot day, sunburns are not limited to beach days you know. Some good sunscreen goes a long way too!


2. Hiking Shoes- not SNEAKERS!! shoes that have a good grip will save you from a deadly slip! At some point i almost fell because my shoes couldn’t get a good grip to the ground!

3. If you are not a gym bunny, try prepping a week before your hike. I do this a lot. a week before my big hike, i do a lot of squats and CARDIO to better control my breathing… I like skipping more than running but a cardio of your choice works. Breath control is so important when mountain hiking, if you don’t believe me, go without prepping!

4. Pack snacks that are really high in energy but are HEALTHY!! Please don’t faint halfway there cause you had a sugar crash! Have plenty of water with you because dehydration is a reality (not frizzy drinks, good ol’ H2O is your buddy on this one) and make sure you have essentials, like an allergy creme if plants irritate you and stuff like that.

Finally, make sure your phone is full before going on a long hike! To better preserve battery time of your ringer, tag along with your camera to take cool pictures and videos with instead of using your phone. You might actually need it to call an uber or if something more serious occurs!

Mountain Hiking is fun but also DANGEROUS, so make sure you are with a group that you know, and you dont pull crazy stunts like, oh well i dont know, fall off the mountain! Things like that happen you know!

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