That Epic Summer Playlist

That Epic Summer Playlist

Summer is upon us good people and of course it is that time for crazy activities! I am talking about epic road trips, raves, site seeing, travelling, sailing and in my case epic hikes! As I explained in my last post, I live music! Summer is the season for such epic activities, and let us not forget that PLAYLIST people! I feel like music helps capture memories way better than anything in the world. A single compiled playlist makes moments more special, more memorable. I cannot remember how many times I hear a song play and I go “Oh my word! This song reminds me of the time we got kicked out of someone’s house” or some crazy thing my friends and I did!

This summer is not going to be an exception! So here are my favourite tracks that I feel like everyone should have in their summer playlist!!

  1. Seven Lions, Slander and Dabin ft Dylan Matthew- First time
  2. Lauv- Easy Love
  3. Said The Sky- Getting over you
  4. Jorson- Breathe
  5. Neptunica ft Zay- Jealous Sun
Neptunica-Butterfly Effect cover

This could easily be my official summer jam. It is equally beautiful and has the greatest beat to jam to! Simply because of the beauty of the song I had to ask Neptunica what inspired the song and this is what they had to say:

“We don’t really sit down with a plan. Maybe Jealous Sun is inspired by a foreign place. Sometimes we sit down in the studio and the magic just happens. Most importantly we feel that the song is cool and then we are pretty sure other people will like it too!”

Well ladies and gentlemen, I loved it!

  1. Neptunica- Butterfly Effect
  2. Said the Sky- Over getting over you
  3. Marshmello ft Bastille- Happier
  4. Alesso- Remedy
  5. Gryffin, Elley Duhe- Tie me down
  6. Steve Void & Beaus ft Bri Tolani- Words
  7. Lost Kings- First Love

Creating a Playlist should be a fun experience for you, so take your time while going through the songs you would want to share with your loved ones (besides, every epic moment deserves an even greater soundtrack). These are just some of my favorites, add yours and start your summer with the best jams you can find!

Do not forget old school music like Calvin Harris’ I need your love and Tiesto’s Red lights! They still go hard!!

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