False Reflections

False Reflections

You do not owe anyone a perfect life. Sometimes we forget that. Sometimes we forget that we’re not born to bring entertainment to the people that care less about who we are or what we really stand for.

People lose themselves and not even realize it. The truth is the rarest commodity to find among our conversations, interactions, even in our relationships. We are stuck in the bright light of being noticed to even consider being part of ourselves because no one would appreciate the real us.

Intelligence has been so scarce among our interactions whether with strangers or people we’re familiar with. When was the last time someone asked you something worth your while? When was the last time someone brought you something that challenged you to think? Made you better? Smarter? Something that required a little bit of effort to acquire?

We live in an era where no one wants to read anymore, cause “why read, when you can just watch the movie?”… A world without imagination, Creativity! A world where everyone is a copy of someone else, a world with no originality…

Now, I’m not judging. I am really up for people living how they choose, that is part of freedom. It just scares me that when we choose to run away from ourselves, we run to be someone else’s shadow! When we want to escape, we feel the need to change everything that makes us unique to fit the “popularity chart”.

I always find beauty in unique people, simplicity and intelligence. Raw beauty that lies in highlighted imperfections, activities that are “corny” and “stupid” like writing love-letters instead of texting, sending a rose to say “I’m sorry” instead of saying “she’ll get over it”, reading a book when reality seems dull and strength in being who you are, fully!

Not everyone will relate to everything Ive just said, a while back I wouldn’t relate either. My head was stuck in the hype until I lost nearly everything that I thought made me who I was, then I was actually forced to be who I am, the real me!

My losses forced me to stop acting, to stop tolerating what seemed to be the easiest person to be. They man-handled me all the way to the mirror to face reality. The reality I thought I’d hate!

This article isn’t about me, it is about you. I am just the person writing it, a person who has experienced different types of prisons. A prisoner being held captive in my head, being held prisoner by false reflections. I am only sharing my views to open up a conversation, a sea of thoughts, and maybe to help someone out there who is experiencing what I have experienced to escape from a world that can consume one alive!

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