The Art Of Vision

The Art Of Vision

So many of us stare at the mirror and not realize our own reflections. Sounds impossible but it is true. We somehow do not even know who we are and what we stand for. Some of our incapabilities and insecurities creep up when we try to set a goal in our lives or aim for an achievement or when we try to challenge ourselves. Not many people talk about this so I am going to because I feel like it needs to be addressed before the start of April, of which is going to be an interesting month for all.

  • Beware of the auto self-destruction button that is implanted in your brain!

Many of us do not make it to our goals because we are broken on the inside. We are constantly tearing ourselves up on the inside. I know this because I have been there. Before I do anything, I state everything that might go wrong and never what might go right. That mentality is disrructive and you will never get anywhere with it! If we get rid of such, we can accomplish more than we expected. We also need to stop thinking about the “he-said, she-said”, know which opinions are valuable and which are not! Do not, ever, plant a seed of doubt in your mind. The seed of self-doubt grows more than the seed of self-love, and trust me, you’ll never reach your goals if all you see in the mirror is a failure

I have a saying written all over my stuff, “all my ideas are golden, I should treat them as such”, it reminds me to never let me or anyone stop me from carying through an idea- and so far it has never disappointed!!

  • You speak life or death into your life & goals

You cannot expect things to work out if you curse your hard work! You also cannot expect your hard work to go anywhere when you have zero faith in it. Start speaking positively about all that you do. Your attitude towards your goals also counts to you achieving it quicker.

  • Proper planning & help

When you need help, ask! When I first started my blog last month, and really got into it I knew absolutely nothing! I still have a lot to learn too. I was never one to ask for help but since I really wanted this I had to put my ego aside and ask people who had experience to help and guide me. I did my research online, joined Facebook groups with people of the same interest in me, shared my work, got opinions, and it worked. I asked for help and there were so many people who were willing to help. To grow, as a person, you will need people who will assist. It doesn’t help if you do not go out and share what you’re doing with like minded people. Some people might have something to add to help you go from point A to point B. I’m not saying go public with your plans, no, but surround yourself with like-minded people to gain more ideas and to strengthen your goal. Remember, eagles don’t roam around with chickens!

  • Not every journey is easy

When you set a goal, you need to keep in mind that you might reach it either after a long time or after shorter period than you expected. The road to the finish line isn’t the easiest one, the easy part about it was the decision to set a goal then everything after that requires strength, hardwork and serious patience. Owning a diary or a journal helps a lot, you get to keep track of your progress, you also get to write whatever that goes right or wrong along the way. The nice part about it is that you can publish it and sell it after you reach your goal, all of this depending on the type of goal you set and how many people are interested in the same goal as you. I have about 2 journals right now that I am planning to publish once I get where I need to be in life… So Journaling is a good investment.

Side Note: if you fail the first time you try and you start viewing yourself as a failure, you’ll have a serious problem and you need to speak to someone about it! The first step to being successful at smashing your goals is to go back and to fix what’s wrong on the inside! The moment you fix YOU, you’ve won!

Much love


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